Technical Training - Teamworks Acton

This program will focus on mastering techniques to improve each player.  Players will focus on, receiving in tight spaces, receiving balls in the air,  speed dribbling with both feet, 1 v 1 moves at speed, juggling, volleys, striking the ball for power and different passing techniques.  They will challenge the players to use there techniques in small sided games.   The FC Stars Staff are enthusiastic about making the clinic experience rewarding and enjoyable. 

Dates:             Session 2 - Friday's - 1/25/19-3/29/19 - 10 Weeks

Time:               4:00-5:15pm 7-10 year olds    

Time:               5:15-6:30pm 10-12 year olds  

Time:               6:30-7:45pm 12-15 year olds 

Gender:           Girls 

Open to:          Stars and Non Stars Players

Location:         Teamworks Acton - Turf 4

Cost:                $190

Contact:          Tom Phillips (

To Register for this program follow instructions below
New Players:
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  •     From this point follow the returning player’s instructions

Returning Players/Already Signed up in New System.:
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  •     At “Registration Step 2.1” make sure you select the child’s name AND the “Central” Girls  region in the “Additional Information” section
  •     At “Registration Step 2.2” Select  “Central Girls Programs - Winter 2018/2019” from the first drop down AND then select from the following programs:
    • Session 2 - Teamworks Acton - Technique Training - Fridays - 4pm-5.15pm
    • Session 2 - Teamworks Acton - Technique Training - Fridays - 5.15pm-6.30pm
    • Session 2 - Teamworks Acton - Technique Training - Fridays - 6.30pm-7.45pm
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